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The Kerala State Financial Enterprises (KSFE) is a financial institute in Kerala. KSFE Offers different types of financial services. One of the latest digital platforms called KSFE power app provides different financial services related to chit funds. Through this application, anyone can easily access and manage their chit funds in a single click. In this article, we will explore the KSFE power application including its features, benefits, and how it is useful to a customer.

Understanding KSFE Power Application

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What is KSFE Power Application?

KSFE Power App developed by Kerala State Financial Enterprises (KSFE) .It is a user-friendly mobile application. Specially developed to help customers easily manage chiity schemes. The application offers different types related to chits like quick pay chitty monthly Remittance, view previous transactions manage proxy etc.

How to download and install the KSFE power application

This app KSFE power app can be easily downloaded through the Google Play Store, you can also download using this link Download KSFE power app. After installing the app there is a one-time registration required when you are using the app for the first time. On the registration page, you need to give the basic information of the customer like name, date of birth, Father/Mother name, Gender, and mobile number that is already registered with the chitty scheme. Also, you need to enter the username and password.

Once you enter all the information an OTP will initiate to the registered mobile number. After the successful authentication, the KSFE power app again asks for the username and password for access the app. After the authentication, you need to complete the KYC . For complete the KYC procedure it is necessary to enter the PAN card of the individual, the PAN card also verified using the OTP . Once the PAN card is verified a request will generated to the branch manager for approval. Once the branch manager approves the request then you can eaccess the chitty schemes that you enrolled.If the approval gets delayed you can contact the branch manager for the approval.

Features of KSFE Power Application

KSFE power app specially designed like the application we are using for banking like SBI yono. Which can easily access and manage all the chitty features. Follwing are the features of the KSFE power app

1. Quick pay

This option in the KSFE app used to pay chitty remittance. For the payment follwing details of the chitty need to be filled like BRANCH,Chitty Number,Chitty Class, Chitty Division and Chitty Name. After filling in the details press the Submit button you can easily pay the amount.

2. My Chits

Under My Chits option it is required to select the branch, after the selection of the branch it will show all the chitty schemes that are selected.By clicking the scheme name it will be directed to new page that shows “My Chittal List” . Under this option, all the chitty details will shown.Also had the option of “manage proxy” and “view and pay” option can be use to pay the monthly remittance directly. It is the easily method for payment.

3. Transaction

Clicking in this option a new page will opend which shows payment History . Under this menu you can select the desired date for the payment.

4. Request

Two options can be available under this option: “General Request” and “Scheme Request” . General requests can be used for general purposes only. You can forward your request directly to “Brach Admin” and “HO Admin” .Scheme requests can be used any request for scheme-related purposes. For this request, you need to select Branch and Chit No then you can enter your request.

5. My Account

Under this option, your approved chitty details will be shown.

6. Auction

One of the important option that is very useful to the customers. Under in this option, you need to select the Branch,Chit, From Date and To date. After selecting the date following details will be shown.

ksfe power app auction

7.New Chits

Easily search for upcoming new chits by selecting the branch details.

8.EMI calculator

Easily calculate the EMI of the different schemes available in KSFE

9 . Feedback


Under this option, you can see your verified mobile number, email id, personal details, Address details, KYC,Change password and change MPIN


Under this tab you can enable the Fingerprint option and the Do not Disturb option

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for KSFE Power App.

What is the KSFE Power App?

The KSFE Power App is a mobile application developed by the Kerala State Financial Enterprises (KSFE) .Using this Application customer can easily manage their chitty schemes.

How can I download the KSFE Power App?

KSFE Power App can be downloaded from below link

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