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KSFE Online payment

KSFE online payment: KSFE stands for Kerala State Financial Enterprises Limited. It is a government-owned financial institution that offers a variety of financial products and services to its customers, including chitties, loans, and deposit schemes.

KSFE full form is Kerala State Financial Enterprises Limited. This financial institution is owned by kerala government . Offers different types of financial services to its customers . They are following

Chitty Schemes

  • Regular Chitty
  • Multi Division Chitty

Loan schemes:

  • Home Loan
  • Personal Loan
  • Gold Loan
  • Chitty Loan
  • Consumer / Vehicle Loan

Deposit schemes:

  • Fixed Deposit (FD)
  • Recurring Deposit (RD)
  • Sugama (equivalent to savings deposit)
  • Chit Fund
  • Senior Citizens’ Deposit

Other services:

  • Western Union Money Transfer
  • Express Money Transfer
  • Safe Deposit Locker facility

Chitties are a traditional form of savings and investment that is popular in India. A chit is a group of people who agree to save a certain amount of money each month over a fixed period of time. At the end of the period, the money is pooled together and distributed to the group members by lottery or auction.

Chitties are the oldest and most traditional way of investing and saving. KSFE offers two types of chitty Regular chitty and Multi Division chitty. At the starting time, ksfe offers an offline method for online payment only. As technology keeps updating they have also started ksfe online payment. Customers can pay the monthly subscription easily using mobile phones. Using ksfe online payment method customers can also pay loan monthly installments.

Features of KSFE online payment system

  • Convenience: Customers can pay chitty installment 24 x 7 , easily using the payment methods offered by KSFE.
  • Security: KSFE online payment system uses the latest advanced security features to encrypt user data.
  • Instant payment processing:  KSFE online payment process instantly, After the successful payment customer will receive a online acknowledgment,
  • Multiple payment options: Multiple payment options are supported by KSFE online payment.
  • Payment history: You can view your payment history online at any time.
  • Different types of payment gateway available: Following are the payment gateway available in KSFE online payment system, they are given below
    • South Indian bank
    • Axis Bank
    • SBIepay
    • Federalbank All other payment gateway transaction fee is free except SBIepay which will charge Net Banking (SBI): Rs.10 per trans. + GST and Net Banking (Others): Rs.15 per trans. + GST

Here are some additional features of the KSFE online payment system:

  • Using a mobile number we can pay multiple chitty monthly installments easily.
  • Very easy to download Previous Online Transactions
  • Easily pay chitty and loan monthly installments.
  • Secure transactions: The KSFE online payment system offers the most up-to-date encryption technology to protect all transactions from unauthorized access.
  • KSFE online payment offers high security for online transactions.
  • Without visiting branches, any customer can pay monthly installments.
  • Payment option is available in 24 x7
  • Multiple payment options are available they are UPI, Debit card and Net banking.

Following are the KSFE online payment method

KSFE online method through the portal: offers different types of payment options that are as follows

Quick Pay

Using this option any one can Pay multiple chitty/loan accounts using mobile number registered with KSFE.The procedure as follows

Step 1 : Go to

1 1

Step 2: Click on Quickpay next page enter the mobile number registered with KSFE, enter the captcha, and click on the submit button.An OTP will initiate on the registered mobile number.

ksfe online payment

Step 3 : Enter the OTP

Step 4 : All the details of the chitty registered with this mobile number will show on this page

ksfe online payment

Step 5: Click on View & Pay button , Confirm the payment gateway

ksfe online payment

Step 6 : onfirm the amount payable, and click on Pay Now.

ksfe online payment

Step 7 : Select the payment method UPI/card/Net banking

ksfe online payment-

Step 8 : Complete the transaction using the desired payment method.

Pay Chitty

Using in this method customer need to enter a little more information about the chitty. This payment method is the most difficult payment method .Customers need to fill the details like beach,chitty number,class , Division,Number,Name and also ask to enter the captcha as a security concern.

ksfe online payment

Step 1: After filling all the data click on SEARCH button.

Step 2: Next page review the payment details .Then click on I accept terms and conditions and click on PAY NOW

Step 3: Next page confirm the payment gateway and click on CONFIRM

Step 4: Confirm the payment options UPI/Net banking/cards

Step 5: Complete the payment using the desired payment method.

Pay Loan

Using in this method easily customers can easily pay the loan installments. The following details

  • Branch
  • Loan account number
  • Customer name
  • Captcha code

KSFE online payment using SMS

KSFE will send an SMS message to customers’ mobile number two to three days before .The customer can easily reach the payment page by clicking the link provided on the SMS.

Step 1 : Click on the SMS link

Screenshot 2023 09 23 18 26 58 10 0ce57feeccaa51fb7deed04b4dbda235

Step 2 : After clicking the link a new page will open fill the information and pay the amount

ksfe online payment

Disadvantages of KSFE online payment system

  • Customers not able to pay the installments through credit card.
  • A personalized profile providing KSFE for track all the transaction and previous history.

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